Player's Profile

Louise Ysabel Dequilla
Class of 2012
Temescal Canyon High School
G.P.A. : 4.50
CAHSEE: 450/450
SAT: 2040
Tennis Varsity Co-Captain
Varsity Dance Team
Principal's Honor Roll
Consistent Honor Roll
National Honor Society-Secretary
ASB - Commn's. Director
FCA - Leader
Athletic Council of Ethics- Treasurer
Honored Titan Awardee
Titan Athlete of the Month - October 2010

Tennis Record:
HS League Champion-Team
HS League Singles Champion
HS All-League MVP
HS League Record: 30-0
Female Athlete of the Season
All Valley First Team
USTA- So. California Section:
USTA Singles Highest Rank: 46
USTA Doubles Highest Rank: 23
Private Coach: Bill Behrens (ATP/USPTR)
HS Coach: Laural Hebein-Pulley

with Coach Pulley
With Coach Pulley

Extra Curricular:
AVID Write Off Essay-Winner
Miss Teen San Bernardino-4th Runner Up
John Casablancas Acting/Modeling Career Center-Graduate

With Coach Bill


Louise will spend her entire Sophomore year at the London campus of Pepperdine University in South Kensington, London England. She's very excited to be part of this program and with all the positive experiences and great travel opportunities it will bring her. London calling...


Louise turns 18 and celebrated the traditional Filipino "Debut" party. She had a wonderful time experiencing a fairy-tale like debutante ball at the Sheraton Hotel in Cerritos, Ca. She celebrated this coming of age party with her loving family, relatives from as far as the Philippines, and close friends from high school and new friends from Pepperdine University.

Our sincere gratitude goes to all our family and relatives who in one way or another helped in making this event a memorable one.

We thank all our friends from various affiliation for their presence in sharing this beautiful moment with us.

Click this link to view a portion of this wonderful event. Enjoy!

PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY it is!- Louise officially became a Wave

After a whole year of preparing for her future plans following high school, Louise has finally decided to attend Pepperdine University to continue her education in the fall. She was offered acceptances from many prestigious universities, among an exceptionally competitive pool of applicants from all over the world, and it is a blessing that God has led Louise to join the Pepperdine family.

She received a generous scholarship from the university, as well as receiving outside scholarships from the Elsinore Women’s Club, Pechanga and by being Student of the Year – all of which is greatly appreciated and blessings from God. At Pepperdine, Louise will be majoring in Journalism, on the track to becoming a sports broadcaster or journalist in the future.

“I’d just like to thank the Lord, my parents and everyone who has continued to support me throughout all of these years leading up to this moment, the moment that marks the beginning of the rest of my life. I’m so blessed to have had my time at TCHS; I will always keep my Titan family in my heart, and I hope that I have managed to leave even a little bit of an impact as I graduate. I can’t wait to begin my journey at Pepperdine, and most importantly to continue strengthening my faith, and improving academically and professionally to lead a life of greater purpose and serve others. Go Waves!”

CLASS OF 2012 - Louise as Valedictorian

There is no better way to begin the road to celebrate a high school graduation than by being blessed with a Baccalaureate Service. Monday, May 21, 2012 was a beautiful sight to see as soon-to-be graduates from all high schools in the Lake Elsinore Valley came together to mark the end of high school and the beginning of this new chapter in their lives – all while gathering in the name of the Lord.

“It was mostly Temescal students who attended, which made it feel even more special since they were most of my closest friends throughout all of high school,” says Louise. During the service (which was hosted by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Student Venture) the FCA leaders, along with some of the significant mentors on campus, shared their testimonies, prayers and messages to help guide the class of 2012 to choose God, and to let Him lead them to His plans.

Louise was asked to share a message during the service, and to this she reflected, “I was so humbled to be given the opportunity to profess my love for God and to share with friends who are near and dear to my heart that they should allow Him into their lives, and to let go and let God. I was praying so hard about what I was going to say, and I’m thankful the Holy Spirit came and spoke through me. I’m still praying hard for those who weren’t able to attend, that they will soon allow God to touch their lives, as well.” (Link to Louise’s speech: )

This service was exactly what everyone needed during this time of celebration and thanksgiving. “We’re about to make our own decisions that will affect our lives immensely, and we need to be deeply rooted in the Lord so that we can follow the path that He has set out for us.”


On the social high school senior calendar, the important events deal with sports games, dances, significant senior privileges, etc. But a little known event that goes under the radar for many seniors, let alone the rest of the campus, is the prestige of being awarded Student of the Year. It starts off by being nominated for Student of the Month, which in itself is already a great achievement, and so goes the extensive track to applying for the immense scholarship, along with the honor that comes with being Student of the Year.

Louise was named the Female Student of the Year by the Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce. “The great recognition for receiving this award was indescribable, and I could not have been more grateful for the blessing of being given this opportunity. All of those years of sticking to my overachiever attitude and never settling for less than what I was capable of finally felt like it was all coming together. After I decided to offer everything up to God, I felt a burden be lifted off of my shoulders, and I’m so humbled I’m able to offer this up to Him, as well,” says Louise.

At the recognition dinner, many highly esteemed officials and their representatives from the United States Congress were present, as well as the generous local contributors and business owners, to join in celebration of the reception of this prestigious award. Louise expresses, “I can’t say thank you enough to all of the sponsors and everyone involved in this program. Because of them I’m more motivated to truly give back to the community that has shaped me into who I am today, leading me to all of these achievements. God is truly blessing us all.”

There’s a lot that goes on during senior year, on top of the nostalgia of finally reaching the metaphorical educational finish line to finally cross over to the adult world. But listing all of these events one after another, Student of the Year definitely precedes the rest. “I know that senior year of high school will soon be overshadowed by college graduation, getting your first job, and all the other milestones in our futures, but this will definitely not be easily forgotten.”



Ask any high school senior what their most anticipated event of their final year in grade school would be, and the top answers usually consist of graduation, college acceptances, finally having the opportunity to create a “Year of Lasts” album on Facebook, and the list goes on. Now, it may be a little hyped up in movies but Senior Prom is definitely another highlight that is looked forward to by most high school seniors.
Many opinions can come up with the reasons why Prom is “such a big deal,” but all in all, from the creative ways of being asked, to the fancy pictures, to the limo and dinner plans, to the honor of being part of the Prom Court royalty, to just having a great time with friends during one of the final landmark occasions of high school, Prom 2012 surely fulfilled these and all expectations.
Dove Canyon Country Club was transformed into a scene from a storybook, with classy decorations, a romantic carriage ride, caricatures to be treasured, Dance Dance Revolution, savory sweets, bumpin’ music - all in all the atmosphere truly screamed “today was a fairytale.”
Even though she was a novice to the Prom scene, Louise was crowned with the title of 2012 Prom Queen, something that she says she “never thought would happen.”
Louise reflects on that memorable night and states, “It was an honor to have experienced the magic behind Prom, and being crowned Prom Queen, alongside the multi-talented Prom King Bret Paddock, was definitely something incomparable to what I’ve witnessed on the big screen.



Every 15 Minutes... a unique and powerful experience for Louise - Watch video (Warning: Not for the faint of heart)

Every 15 Minutes is an extensive program that teaches young people about the deadly effects of drunk driving and how so many lives are completely changed because of the tragic devastation caused by alcohol related accidents.  This event is participated by the Police and Fire Departments, the California Highway Patrol, Paramedics, Inland Valley Regional Hospital, Community officials, District Attorney’s Office, Funeral Homes, High school staff and committees, social workers and a wide section of community volunteers.  Louise is so grateful for the opportunity to be chosen to play a very significant role in this program. On February 15, 2012, a mock car crash scene was staged at the curve of Dexter Road and El Toro Road in Lake Elsinore, CA near Temescal Canyon High School at around 10:00 am.  And on this day, a drunk driver took the life of Louise and two other Temescal Canyon High School students.  This is a real-life drama as police cars, fire trucks, ambulances,paramedics and Mercy Air helicopter rushed to the scene. Louise was a passenger of the car hit by the drunk driver. Firefighters and paramedics attended to her as she was lying on the street covered with blood as she sustained fatal injuries. Inside the ambulance, the paramedics had to cut her shirt to connect machines and tubes as she was being transported to Inland Valley Regional Hospital where she was later pronounced dead.   “I know that my parents were so overwhelmed with anguish, trauma and emotional pain seeing their only child whom they loved so much in that kind of scene.  I was so worried for my mom because she would later hear from the doctor that I didn’t make it.  And as they accompanied her to see me for the last time on that emergency room bed, lying cold and lifeless with all the machines and tubes still connected to me, it was very tragic and unthinkable. During the overnight retreat and seminar, I heard real stories how young and innocent lives are being taken too soon and how much their families will suffer forever because of this wasted loss of life due to drunk driving. This program is really life-changing and I am forever grateful for being given the opportunity to play a big part in it.  I am also grateful for my parents who supported me in my desire to accept the role even if they knew how much they will experience a real-life tragedy. From the beginning we were all informed that this very extensive national program will bring an overwhelming, dramatic and emotional impact to the participants, to their families and to all those who will witness the actual event, but my parents agreed anyway because they knew how much I wanted to make an impact and maybe change the perspective of so many people, both young and old, not to drink and drive.  Again, thank you Papa and Mama for willingly going through all the trauma and emotional sacrifice during this two day program. And thank you God that we really didn’t have to say goodbye at this time.”

Louise was selected to participate and play a vital role in this event due to her invaluable standing in her high school community. Her participation was perceived to bring great impact and long lasting effect among her peers. It was difficult for the family to undergo such an experience, even if we all knew that everything was staged, yet the reality of this tragedy was so strong that we sincerely felt the agony of losing a loved one in a senseless accident brought about by fatal decisions of drinking and driving. But seeing the impact her participation brought among her friends, her peers and the campus as a whole, made us feel that our sacrifice was well worth it.

We sincerely hope that this event will transcend beyond Louise's high school community and help impact anyone reading this message. Save innocent lives, please don't drink and drive.

Visit Every 15 Minutes website for more information:

Louise’s High School Tennis Career

“Collecting awards and recognitions wasn’t my main goal… I played high school tennis because I wanted to take the opportunity to represent my school, to share my skills and to be part of a team effort,” said Louise while reflecting on four seasons spent playing on the varsity team for the Titans. Having played the number one singles spot since her freshman year, Louise was consistently a force to be reckoned with regardless of the opponent across the net. Her first two years on the team were challenging, as the Titans competed against the high level of play in the Southwestern League. Even after tough seasons, Louise was named as an All-League selection for two years in a row, as well as being MVP of her team.
Her final two years playing for TC brought about even more success in the Sunbelt League. Louise was team captain her junior and senior years, where she led the varsity girls to back-to-back league championships. During her junior year, the team was the Finalist in the Team League Finals, but Louise sailed through winning the Individual Championship and represented TC in Individual CIF Playoffs for the first time in Girls Tennis history. It was an incredible season for Louise having a record of 180-0, not dropping even a single game all the way to the League Finals.  Yet another first in Titan history came the following year, when Louise closed out her senior year by leading the team to become undefeated league champions, making it all the way to the semifinals in Team CIF. Louise once again triumphed in league finals and gained another chance to represent the Titans in Individual CIF. Her final two years, she was also named MVP of her team, along with being All-League MVP for the Sunbelt League and receiving a spot on the All-Valley First Team. Throughout each season, Louise was also a consistent academic scholar and was recognized with having a consistent 4.0+ GPA.
“I’m grateful God blessed me with this opportunity and with winning these titles and awards, but what I’m most thankful for regarding my four years of playing varsity tennis was that I gained plenty of experience by feeling what it’s like to combine my leadership skills with my tennis game. I’m proud of my individual accomplishments, but getting to share every win, loss and achievement with the team is something that can’t be put on a plaque. I’m really sad it’s all over, but I can’t wait to continue representing my school once I start college.”

Louise Treks to the Other Side of the World
Christmas Eve - 2011, Philippines

During her winter break, Louise had the greatly anticipated opportunity to spend three weeks in the Philippines. Since her move to America at the age of 6, a lot had changed in her birth country and she now has the chance to gain new experiences during her visit. Most of Louise’s time was spent reconnecting with family she hadn’t seen in over 11 years, and she made sure that she made the most out of every reunion. But the highlight of her vacation was spending Christmas Eve sharing her time with the less fortunate.
On December 24, Louise spent the day with children in need at the local church in her father’s hometown. “We put together hot packaged meals for a few hundred kids. I was a little worried when I first walked in and I saw how many kids there were, and I was scared we might not have enough food for all of them. But I trusted that God would take care of it, just like the fish and the loaves, and at the end of the line, there were over 500 kids that were fed.” At the beginning of the program, Louise and her father spoke a few words of encouragement to the children, and fun games and activities were held to get the kids in a happy mood for the Christmas season. “I was just so overwhelmed by all of the kids and how even though they didn’t have as many privileges as most kids have in America, they were still able to smile. I felt true joy getting to dance and spend time with them, and I was humbled by the overall experience.”
Louise continues to say that what she will take most out of this trip was witnessing the other side of the spectrum, allowing her to be more appreciative of her blessings, and at the same time having the extra motivation to propel her into living a life dedicated to create a positive change in the world – one that will benefit everyone from both ends of the spectrum.

Student of the Month and Athlete of the Season awards

Louise garnered the prestigious award as Student of the Month for December. A special gathering was held in a local Sizzler restaurant to honor the awardees. She was one among the 7 students selected out of almost 22,000 students in the entire Unified School District. This award is sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce along with the local government office as represented by several dignitiaries. Louise also received special certificate of recognition from the Member of Congress, the California State Assembly and Legislature, the local Chamber of Commerce, the Office of the Mayor, the County Supervisor and the Superintendent of the local Unified School District.

This award was given in recognition of Louise's accomplshments and dedication to her education as well as her involvement with the local community. Louise was able to maintain a G.P.A. of 4.33 through her senior year with 4 advanced placement courses that can be utilized as college credits.

These awards came after Louise was elected as the Athlete of the Season for fall sports by her high school, two years in a row. This year's tennis team perfomance set a new record for the school's tennis program. Finishing the season as Champions and reaching the Semis in the CIF post season championship is a feat that's hard to beat.

TCHS Girls Tennis Record-Setting Postseason for 2011

The Lady Titans brought a whole new meaning to the term "dark horse," as they shocked everyone with their successful results during the postseason round after round. Monday, November 14, marked the first time Temescal Canyon has reached the second round of CIF playoffs, facing Whittier Christian, the fifth seed. The Lady Titans dug deep and came together as a team to come out on top, winning with a score of 10-8. This meant that TC would encounter yet another first: gaining a spot in the quarterfinals of Team CIF.

With hardly any time to rest, Temescal Canyon played their quarterfinal round the following day, November 15, at Granite Hills High School in Apple Valley. The match-up could not have been any more competitive against Granite Hills, as the Lady Titans tied by the end of all three rounds. Louise came up with a crucial singles sweep, in addition to being the first player of the season to defeat GH's number one and number two singles players, who were the top representatives of the Desert Sky League. With an overall score of 9-9, games were carefully counted and the Lady Titans managed to claim the victory by a one game lead 67-66. (An article on this match can be found at this link: Daily Press)

Finally gaining a home court advantage, TC was able to host the semifinal round at home on Thursday, November 17, against Carpinteria High School, who had just recently taken out the number one seed Aquinas High School during their quarterfinal match-up. The Lady Titans performed to the best of their ability, with Louise accomplishing the feat of beating the Warriors' number one singles player, which would be her first loss in 60 sets of the season. It was a great comeback for Louise, as she played catch up practically the entire set until the pivotal point of breaking serve to even things out at 5-5. But the set was far from over, and Louise finally clutched the victory in a tiebreaker, winning 7-4 in a set that lasted over an hour. Winning her next two sets without dropping a game, the Lady Titans were still only able to come up with 8 total set wins, resulting in the final score of 8-10 against CHS. (An article on this match can be found at these links: Press Enterprise and The Californian)

Coming up just short of another surprise advancement in CIF, TC's run to win it all came to halting stop during their semifinal round. "It's been a great season," says Louise. "No one expected these results and I'm extremely proud of how far we've come. I'm sad that this will be my last year with the team, but this was a great way to end our high school tennis season. This year was no question the greatest season I've had the opportunity to experience."


Ending with a Bang - League Champion TCHS Varsity Tennis at Individual CIF

This past week, the Varsity Tennis Girls accomplished a feat brand new to the TC campus, finishing the season off with an undefeated record of 8-0, and being crowned Sunbelt League Champs. And on November 2nd, they accomplished yet another goal: taking home the Individual League Playoff first place medals in both singles and doubles. It was evident from the start of the tournament that the Lady Titans were the ones to beat, as the All-League MVP titles were awarded to the top seeds: Seniors Sammi Murphy and Beth Schallert for doubles and Senior Louise Dequilla for singles. Senior Shannon Mulcahy also took home an All-League patch, being seeded third in singles. TC was well represented during the final rounds of League Finals, as three of the four doubles teams that made up the Semi-Final match-ups were Lady Titans. Seniors Megan Thomas and Shayna Hutton finished the tournament in first place, narrowly beating the number one doubles team from Heritage High School. Juniors Katie Kennedy and Taylor Toups managed to snag third place, coming up with a victory over TC Seniors Sammi Murphy and Beth Schallert, who ended the tournament in fourth place.

As for singles, Senior Louise Dequilla was able to repeat her result of last year by taking home the title of Sunbelt League singles champ for the second consecutive year. Team CIF for the Lady Titans begins next week, and Thomas, Hutton, and Dequilla begin their CIF Individual rounds in the coming weeks. Good luck to the Varsity Girls Tennis Team, and congratulations to a successful season!





28th Annual CADA/CASL Leadership Camp

July 9, 2011 - Santa Barbara, CA

Louise concluded a week-long CADA Leadership Conference, held at the campus of UC-Santa Barbara, CA.

CADA (California Association of Directors of Activities), is an annual Leadership training program aimed at augmenting the leadership skills of student leaders. Being one of their school's ASB officers as Communications Director, Louise acknowledged that the invaluable knowledge and experience that she gained from this conference will help her in planning and implementing activities alongside their school's ASB programs.

CADA/CASL on the internet:


FCA: Louise joins a bright new chapter

May 31, 2011 - Lake Elsinore, CA

Recently Louise has been chosen to be one of the seven leaders of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), a non-profit, interdenominational ministry that reaches out to young athletes of the world. Though it is a new addition to the Temescal Canyon campus, FCA itself has been around since 1954, being a worldwide ministry that perfectly blends the passion for sports with the passion for Christ among athletes. FCA was recognized as the largest Christian sports organization in America. Coaches and athletes from the professional, college, high school, and youth levels are all inspired and motivated to commit themselves to compete at the highest level of excellence for God's glory.

Although this chapter of FCA has only been introduced to TCHS a few months ago, in this short period of time the number of members has increased to over 80 student-athletes. Louise is very proud and grateful to play a significant role in spreading this ministry and to live the faith by example, along with the other leaders. Their job is to not only strengthen involvement with the fellowship, but also to lead the specific messages of the bible study during the regular group gatherings. The first momentous meeting of the summer was crucial for FCA, in order to really kick off the upcoming school year with dedication and determination. It was decided for this meeting to be a movie night showing The Passion of Christ, and guest speaker, Atty. Monching Ocampo, was invited to lead the powerful message of the night. After all of the tears, revelations, and commitments to live a God-driven life, by the end of the night it was evident that every person was touched by what they had experienced, and was on the path to living for Christ, taking part in the journey that FCA is all about.

Louise is extremely grateful for the opportunity to not only be a part of such a life-changing ministry and to be able to surround herself with other student-athletes who share the same goals and passion for sports, but also to further enhance the way she lives her own life, in all aspects. As she said herself, "FCA is not just an organization. It’s the necessary reminder we all need that we are living for a greater purpose, and that purpose is to do God's will. When we keep Him as our main priority, everything else will fall into place. A quote I like to refer to when things aren't going the way I plan is ‘God's Will will never take you where God's Grace cannot protect you.’ I feel that God's will has introduced me to FCA, a new chapter in my life, and His grace will help me live my faith in everything I do."

Click this link, if you want to learn more about FCA.



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PREPS: A Q&A with Temescal Canyon girls tennis player Louise Dequilla

By MARK E. STRODER For The CalifornianNorth County Times | Posted: Monday, November 7, 2011 9:00 pm

Think your weekly dance card is full? Try stepping into Louise Dequilla's shoes.

The Temescal Canyon senior's schedule of activities and awards reads longer than an 8-year-old's Christmas wish list.

She's an accomplished co-captain on the Titans' twice-defending Sunbelt League champion girls tennis team, and a steady weekend competitor in United States Tennis Association tournaments. And through it all, she's been a straight-A student.

But wait, there's more.

Here's a healthy sampling: National Honor Society Secretary. Associate Student Body Communications Director. Athletic Council of Ethics Treasurer, school leader of the Fellowship for Christian Athletes (FCA), finalist for 2011 homecoming queen, Principal's honor roll, league singles champion, league most valuable player

Other than that ... Dequilla doesn't have much going on.

She's actually not nearly as busy on the tennis court. Last year, Dequilla went undefeated in league -- and did it without surrendering as much as a game.

It's the tennis equivalent of a pitcher throwing a no-hitter in every start.

Dequilla slumped a bit this season. She lost a total two league games while completing another perfect record.

Her slight 5-foot-3, 115-pound frame has not stopped her from overpowering most opponents. She has received tennis scholarship offers from colleges on both coasts.

"Louise has been an inspiration and an example of dedication since she came out," Titans coach Laural Hebein-Pulley said. "She has led in a way girls can respect, and she shows how hard work can have awesome results."

Her competition increases this week, as she and her teammates compete in the CIF Southern Section team tennis playoffs.

Despite her heavy weekly dose of serving, studying and social networking, Dequilla squeezed in a few minutes to chat with The Californian about faith, family and forehands.

Question: What are you more proud of? Your undefeated league record, or your 4.50 GPA?

Answer: In my family, I've always been raised with these priorities: God first, then family, then school, then tennis, then everything else. Doing well in academics has been a must for me for as long as I can remember, so I take a lot of pride in that.

Q: What has been the key to your tennis success?

A: I would say the usual answer of practice makes perfect, but honestly, I wouldn't be able to do anything without my deep faith in the Lord. He is ultimately my main priority and I try to offer up everything to Him, be it success or failure, since He gave me all of these blessings in the first place.

Q: You are not very big. How are you able to generate power on your serves and ground strokes?

A: Timing and fast racket head speed. I'm nowhere near the size of Serena Williams or Maria Sharapova, so I know that I have to compensate by being fast on the court and taking time away from my opponent by being aggressive and taking the ball early.

Q: How in the world do you fit all of your activities into a week?

A: I find it hard to believe myself how much I actually do in seven days. I guess it's just become a routine for me to have practically every minute of my day filled up with something.

Q: Why are you so active at school?

A: I believe that being well rounded is an important aspect of living a full life. Because of all those clubs and tennis, I feel like I'm using my time wisely and not wasting it just sitting around doing nothing all day.

Q: Do you have any funny or interesting traits or quirks?

A: I still think Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. I organize for fun. I've kept all of my school papers ever since kindergarten. I'm pretty accident-prone.

Q: Why and when did you choose tennis?

A: When I was 10, my uncle and I saw an ad for tennis lessons at the local park and we thought it would be fun to start playing tennis together. I saw the type of values gained by playing tennis, like the maturity and dedication needed to stick to a sport that is as mental as it is physical. I believe tennis has helped me become a well-rounded person and has taught me many lessons I can apply to daily life.

Q: Can you share something funny, sad, inspirational or interesting?

A: The most recent thing that has changed my life would definitely be my walk with God. I'm trying to spend my life living for the purpose that He has for me and I don't want to waste time worrying about petty things, when all I need to do is look at the big picture. I want to be a good example and I try to share God's word with everyone I come in contact with because I want them to experience the joy that I have felt by surrendering my life to Him. So I guess this is a good opportunity to do that.

Q: How does anyone score a 2,040 on an SAT?

A: It took a lot of studying and praying. Just like with tennis, I put in a lot of time taking practice tests before the actual SAT.

Q: Were you happy with that score?

A: I was ecstatic to find out that I broke 2,000. The first time around I got an 1,890, so I was really happy to know that I jumped 150 points.

Q: Where would you like to go to college?

A: I have sticky notes everywhere reminding me about my target colleges, but my dream schools would be Stanford, Pepperdine, or the University of San Diego.

Q: What does belonging to the FCA mean to you?

A: The FCA is a group that is so close to my heart. I'm really thankful that we can have something like this at school, and I always look forward to the days that we can meet with each other and just share the word of God with everyone. I feel that this group is a way for me to live out my calling to spread my love for the Lord with everyone else, so that they can also grow in their relationships with Him.

Q: What was it like to not even give up a game during league play last year?

A: Honestly, I didn't even realize the type of record I had until toward the end of the season, when I looked back at all my scores. Though it's not something that I personally strive towards, I thought it was pretty cool that I was able to finish with a record like that.

Q: Did shutting each of your opponents out become sort of a goal the closer you got to the end of last season?

A: In a way, yes, just because it was so close to the end that I felt like I might as well go all the way with a perfect record.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: I'm really interested in sports media and I hope to have a career in sports broadcasting, journalism, or corporate/public relations. I also want to write a book, but I'm not sure about what yet.


PE Press ReleaseTemescal Canyon's Dequilla a tennis phenom

10:00 PM PST on Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Press-Enterprise

It's late in the match and the hot wind blistering the Palm Desert tennis court has gotten inside Louise Dequilla's head.

The racket hangs heavy and her legs tingle from fatigue. The clay under her shoes she so easily glided across early in the match now feels like it's been mopped with glue.

She readies her serve and says in a voice only she can hear: "For you, Lord."

It's a Friday night and Lake Elsinore Temescal Canyon High School's football team is playing. The second quarter closes and out prances Dequilla, laughing with others on the school's dance team. She loves the camaraderie, performing and especially the time she shares with her friends.


Louise – Crowned Athlete of the Season

December 10, 2010 – Temescal Canyon High School

Louise with Principal GarnettWith the Fall sports season coming to a close, Louise was honored with the title of Fall 2010 Female Athlete of the Season for Temescal Canyon High School. The awards recognition ceremony was attended by fellow athletes and their parents. Also present was the voting panel consisting of all the sports coaches, the athletic director, and the principal, who had met beforehand to choose the most outstanding female and male athlete of the entire season. They not only took into account the student-athlete’s talent and record during the season, but also looked for the character and leadership the student-athlete demonstrated each day, both while participating in their sport, or being a role model on campus. It was an easy decision for the panel to unanimously choose Louise , who dominated in all of her matches with a perfect record this season, winning all her sets (30-0) and not dropping a single game (180-0), a feat that cannot be topped, and can only be matched. But aside from her exceptional performance in her sport (Tennis), she was also chosen for her remarkable character and leadership that she possesses every single day.

In other related news, as the end of the season is winding down, The Californian (a local newspaper) has selected and honored outstanding players throughout the valley in all the league divisions in Girls Tennis to the prestigious "All Valley First Team". Louise proudly represented and gave honor to her school by being selected as part of this esteemed lineup.

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

December 2, 2010 – Temescal Canyon High School

Character, Scholarship, Leadership, Service: the four main categories of what is required of a member of the National Honor Society. After a grueling and competitive selection process, Louise was inducted as an official member of the National Honor Society, as a result of her outstanding grade point average, constant exemplification of leadership both in sports and academics, and her willingness to take any opportunity to give back to her community to contribute many hours of service. It is quite an honor to be inducted to this program, as Louise is now a part of the elite group of students who only demonstrate the best examples of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. As a lifetime member, Louise is determined to prove her worth in this prestigious assembly by living up to the expectations of the criteria required of all NHS members.

Louise - October Athlete of the Month

November 29, 2010 – Temescal Canyon High School

Fresh from her victory at the Rancho Cienega Junior Open 18s singles tournament, Louise was voted as the athlete of the month for the month of October at her high school. The voting committee was comprised of all sports coaches, as well as the athletic director and principal of her school. Each coach nominates one athlete of their sport, and all of the nominees are presented to the voting panel, who then vote and select one female athlete and one male athlete of the month. By being selected as the athlete of the month, Louise is invited, along with the other athletes of the month for the fall sports season, to an awards recognition ceremony that will be held on December 10, 2010 .

Louise and partner grabbed the Girls 18 Doubles Championship in San Diego Metro Jr. Tennis Open

February 20, 2011 - San Diego, CA

After failing to advance to the semifinals in the Singles division of the Girls 18s Metro tournament in San Diego, Louise was filled with a new spark to do well in Doubles. It was an easy semifinal match for Louise and her partner Alison K., dropping only one game in two sets.

In the final round, Louise and Alison faced the number one seeds and were in for a tough match. Losing the first set 6-0, Louise and Alison regrouped and restrategized, managing to keep the second set close. At 5-5, Louise held her serve and earned a crucial chance to break for the set, and thanks to Alison's aggressive poaching and winning returns, they evened out the match and closed the second set at 7-5. In lieu of a full third set, they played a 10-point tiebreaker to decide the champions of the tournament, with Louise and Alison gaining an early lead 6-3. However, the number one seeds proved to be worthy opponents and didn't give up, coming back to lead 8-6. Louise and Alison tapped into overdrive, with Louise and Alison hitting smash winners on the last two points, winning the tiebreaker 11-9 . It was truly a great comeback for Louise and Alison, hurdling their slow start and eventually capturing the title of Girls 18s doubles champions.

Louise at the USTA Zonals event in Utah

July 10, 2011

Louise qualified at the USTA Zonals Tennis competition, a USTA National event to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 26. She will be joining 29 other girls from the USTA Southern California Section to compete against other participants from various states.

This prestigious event imposes strict qualification requirements, but her improved ranking statistics earned her a spot in this tournament.

Louise - Rancho Cienega Junior Open 18's Singles Champion

November 28, 2010 - Los Angeles, CA

As a close to the Thanksgiving break, Louise joined her first ever 18s Singles tournament at Cheviot Hills Tennis Center in Los Angeles.

Moving up an age division, expectations were at a minimum for Louise, who hoped only to gain a first-time experience in the 18s. However, she managed to surpass these expectations and ended the weekend as the champion of the tournament. She won her first round match in the quarterfinals in straight sets 6-2, 6-1. Coming back the next day, Louise faced a tough opponent in Madeline S. in the semifinals. It was a grueling first set as Madeline got ahead and won it 6-4. She then got a 2-0 lead in the second set, but Louise dug deep and made a comeback to win the second set 6-3. Motivated by the momentum shift, Louise closed it out and won the third set 6-1. From there, she breezed through her finals match 6-1, 6-2 to hold the coveted title of the Rancho Cienega Junior Open Girls 18s Singles Champion.

This was a great start for Louise's record in the 18s, joining her first
tournament in this age division, and also capturing the title under her belt.

Titan Tennis awarded Louise as Most Valuable Player

January 12, 2011 - Canyon Lake, CA

With Louise's excellent performance in the recently concluded H/S Tennis season, winning all her matches in the regular season without losing a game, getting to the CIF for the first time for their school and most of all with the continuous impressive improvement of her G.P.A. to 4.50, earned her the most prestigious MVP award, three years in a row as well as the All-League Academic Team Award.

Next year's season will be Louise's last with the H/S Tennis League as she will embark on a different arena of the college sports.




Louise won in Carmel Valley

December 31, 2010 - San Diego, CA

Louise capped the G16 Doubles championship title with her friend/-partner Rebekkah Ermac at the Carmel Valley Jr. Open Championship in San Diego, CA. Louise and Rebekkah blazed through the finals without dropping a set.

Louise also reached the finals in her second try in the G18 Singles division. She lost in a well fought finals to a more senior Maika A. of San Diego, CA. This was Louise's second attempt in the G18 after winning the championship in her first ever G18 tournament at age 16.



Louise won the HS League's Singles Championship - proclaimed League MVP

November 2010 - Lakeside HS- L.E. , CA

Louise is crowned the Champion of the 2010-2011 Sunbelt League High School Tennis Championship.

She won all her 30 matches (total of 180 games) in the regular season without dropping a game. (180-0)

In the League's Championship, she swept all her matches all the way to the Finals at 6-0, 6-0.

Louise made history on her high school team and in their league being the only player sweeping all matches at 6-0.

Her pre-season record stands at 29-1. Her only defeat is against top-ranked S. M. Dizon of Murrieta, Ca.

Her remarkable perfomance earned her the most coveted All-League MVP award.

She will be representing her high school, Temescal Canyon High School, and the rest of their league in the upcoming CIF Singles Championship.

Louise and her team also qualified in the Team Championship after beating Rancho Verde HS in a playoff match, 14-4. Their next opponent will be the top seed San Dimas HS. Good luck Titans!

The Press Enterprise interviews Louise

November 11, 2010 - San Dimas, CA

Temescal Canyon HS played the first round of the main draw of team CIF against San Dimas HS, with the Titans giving the Saints a scare, only losing by a close margin of 8-10. Being the first time in history for the Titans to reach team CIF in the main draw, this was a satisfying start for Temescal High School in the Sunbelt league.

Louise swept her singles sets (6-1, 6-0, 6-0), dropping her first and only game of the season. Unknowingly, a correspondent from The Press Enterprise was present during this first round match to interview Louise. The Press Enterprise intends to publish an article about her incredible performance throughout this year's season. This was Louise's first interview experience but surprisingly felt comfortable during the interview. This article will be featured in this upcoming week's paper publication.

The Press Enterprise is the leading source in Riverside and San Bernardino counties for News, Sports, Weather, Cars, Jobs, Real Estate and Classifieds.

Louise reached the Finals at the Desert Cities Grand Prix Masters

October 2010 - Palm Valley Country Club, Palm Desert, CA

Louise made it to the Finals of the 2010 Desert Cities Grand Prix Masters - 16 and under Singles Tournament. This is one of the three Grand Prix Masters in Southern California held at the end of the year.

This tournament is an "invitation only" to the top 8 qualifiers for each covered region. Louise qualified in both Desert Cities and Central Coast Grand Prix Masters, and missed to qualify in the the K-Swiss Grand Prix Masters by a narrow margin.

She won her quarterfinal round at the Central Coast Grand Prix and lost in the Semi-Finals. Her results at Santa Barbara helped her gain SCTA ranking points.

In Palm Desert, Louise won her Quarterfinal round, 7-5, 6-0 against Grace F. and also won her Semi-final round, 6-1, 6-4 against a notable opponent Ashley S.

A big win for Louise in L.A. Junior Open

July 2010 - Los Angeles, CA

Top seed Louise cruised to win the Los Angeles Junior Tennis Open - Girls 16 and under division.

She took the road to the finals without dropping a set. It was a tough first round match for Louise but she found a way to bring out her game and capped the match in two sets.

Her succeeding rounds were relatively easier until she faced one of her friends in the finals. She started slow at the beginning of the first set but cranked up her game and closed the match in straight sets.

With this win, Louise is gearing towards capturing another title when she travels to Oxnard in August.


Doubles Champion at the Beverly Hills Jr. Open

July 2010 - Los Angeles, CA

Louise and her doubles partner/friend Rebekkah Ermac, grabbed the Doubles championship title at the Beverly Hills Jr. Tennis Open in the Girls 16 and under division.

Louise and Rebekkah cruised their way into the finals, winning all their matches in straight sets.

Louise played with renewed intensity after succumbing her Singles Semi-final match to N. Bharath. Her doubles game was a far cry from her previous singles match, she was more composed and relaxed, and she showcased her groundstroke skills, her improved net game as well as her powerful serves.

This win earned Louise enough ranking points to break into the Top 30 ranking of the SCTA Doubles Ranking system.

Louise won both Singles and Doubles in Oxnard

August 2010 - Oxnard, CA

Louise and her friend/Doubles partner, Courtney Morrison, won the Girls 16 and under, USTA Junior Open Doubles Championship, winning 6-0, 6-1 against the tandem of Taryn Mjielde and Alexis Goulding. (left photo)On the second week of the tournament, Louise also won the Girls 16 and under Junior Singles Championship against Jenna Dobrin, 6-2, 6-4.
(right photo) It was a challenging match for Louise with Jenna's powerful and consistent backhand. But it was Louise's big serving that got her the upperhand early in the match. Jenna tried to rally towards the end of the second set, but Louise kept her composure and closed the match as soon as she earned her first break. With this win, Louise qualified for the Central Coast Master's Grand Prix Tournament among the top 8 players in her age division. The tournament will be held in Santa Barbara, CA on October 7, 2010.


Louise on the TCHS Homecoming Court

Louise was nominated to be a part of the Homecoming Court at TCHS. After being nominated, she received enough votes to be one of the top 6 Senior girls vying to be crowned Homecoming Queen for 2011. Louise, along with the rest of the Homecoming Court that includes the top 5 Senior boys, as well as the Underclassmen Princes and Princesses, will be recognized during halftime of the Homecoming Football game this upcoming Friday, September 30th. The results of who was voted Queen will also be announced during the game.

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

July 24, 2011

Tatay Andy and Nanay Lina celebrated their Golden wedding anniversary on July 24, 2011. As a tribute, we are providing this link below to directly access photos and (video coming soon) of the celebration.

We hope that somehow, we were able to share this momentous event with all of our families and friends here and abroad.

Click this link to view photos.

Please check your Facebook account for access information

Louise on a 3-day Religious Retreat in Pilgrim Pines - Yucaipa, CA

November 19, 2010

Louise is in Pilgrim Pines, Yucaipa, CA for a 3-day religious retreat along with other youth of St. Mary Magdalene Parish. This is in preparation for her 2- year confirmation ceremony.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have sent their heartwarming testimonials for Louise. Those "Love" letters will be given to Louise as a surprise, on Saturday night as part of their activities. We are confident that she will forever treasure those very encouraging words that each of you have written.

Louise is now home.We thank all the volunteers from SMM Parish who made this amazing event happened. Special thanks to Fr. Vincent Au for a wonderful mass that he celebrated at the retreat house on Saturday night.

Indeed, it was a great weekend for the youth topped with an early winter snow on Sunday.

Manny Pacquiao won a unanimous decision over Antonio Margarito
November 13, 2010- Dallas, TX

Manny Pacquiao toyed with the bigger fighter, Margarito, from the opening bell all the way to the 12th round. He did not give Margarito a fighting chance and peppered him with his quick flurry of hard punches. There were instances of short scary moments when Manny was backed against the rope and Margarito pursued his only chance of offensive assault but only to be held right back by Manny's superb counter punching.

The win was Manny Pacquiao's 52nd and remains undefeated in his last 9 fights. Manny now holds the record of being the only boxer winning in 8 different weight classes, a feat that will never be repeated again. Congratulations Manny!


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